The Intelligencer 
Intuition Intelligence is feeling a connection with another person, place, or thing without a conversation. It is an ultimate knowing within your spirit on your daily walk in life of your next steps to a successful power performance day. I like to start my day with this prayer, "Lead me, guide me, show me the way, what am I to do today?" If you will listen to your intelligence and learn to follow your intuition, you will be amazed on how many times you will find yourself saying at the start of your storytelling. I had the most exciting thing happen to me today-serendipitous, adventurous, they said they were just thinking about me, etc. The energy that is created through your Intuition Intelligence brings your PASSION TO POWER PERFORMANCE​.
Did you know that the iris of the eye pattern is so intricate that even identical twins do not share the same configuration?
While the iris has 256 unique characteristics, the fingerprint only has 40.