​​THE SPECTATOR of journeys in life.
Taking in a variety of others experiences to find differentiators through the eyes of a spectator while facilitating a deep dive into where you are at to take you where you want to go in your​ "Joy in the Journey" life. The journey takes in every aspect of life regardless how good or bad, big or small, relevant or irrelevant the issues seem to be and using it to follow the steps in your journey, making each experience fascinating for a great story to be unfolded and told of where your steps are taking you towards your goal through the balance of WTF's in your life - FAITH, FAMILY, FUN and FORTUNE.¬†
​THE STORYTELLER of journeys in life.
 Realistically it only makes sense to connect the dots looking backwards as Steve Jobs states. However, I have a gift for seeing how the steps in your journey connect going forward through faith that connects to your future. My friends tell me I have the most amazing stories. I tell them you can have them too with "The Spectator" in your "Joy in the Journey". In my quest to help others through insight and passion I have written my first book in the series of "The Corporate Connections".

I am a Daughter of the American Revolution through my Grandmother Jeraldine M. Stockton-Knight (5th generation) to Richard Stockton - Signer of the Declaration of Independence, I will continue the family quest for success in the United States of America.