Grub & Garden

I have been gardening ever since I can recall, from my early childhood days with my parents, grandparents and cousin John. I love taking a seed, watching it pop through the surface,  blooming into the intended purpose of what the particular seed was created to be. One of my choosing for my taste buds or for my eyes to seize the beauty, then counting the fruit of the bloom - no pun intended lol - see what adding one letter to a word does to the creation and meaning? The very action of creation, bringing something into existence; while to my utter amazement, if carefully nutured; I get to watch it multiply just like so many other things we place in our hands in life. Whether bad or good, it's just like math, it mulitplies. We produce something.

Lets get GROWING!​​
PJ's second entrepreneurial career as a child was a partnership in JP's Garden Stand with her cousin John.